Sunday, April 3, 2011

Draenei Warrior

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This character is a Draenei.  I started messing around with not using strokes and to a degree I was successful.  However, I think for a project that is cartoony like this, I should have kept the outlining strokes.  They add a degree of depth and make the image less reliant on shading.  For example, in order to keep her left arm from blending in with her stomach, I had to apply some sort of shading to the arm to seperate the two.

She was based on my Draenei Shaman in WoW (I don't play this character in game anymore) but I didn't like the shaman costume I gave her (she had a kilt and pauldrons) and with the two axes she weilds, she looks more like a warrior, therefore, she is a warrior.  She's been in a fight very recently.  It was fun scratching her up and creating tears in her clothing.  Some people have made claims that Draenei blood is blue but if that's true, red sticks out better.

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